Although copyright protection technically exists as soon as a creative work has been created, securing a federal registration has a number of advantages. Copyright registration offers substantial benefits. Without a federal registration, it is more difficult to enforce your rights to stop acts of infringement, and a federal registration also avoids disputes about authorship by providing evidence of the date of creation. A federal registration is therefore extremely important in stopping infringement, maintaining control of a work, and avoiding costly legal disputes.

Your creative works of expression may be your most valuable assets. If they are not fully protected with federal copyright registration, now is the time; a legal dispute in the future will be far more costly and time-consuming than any fees you’ll pay for federal copyright

Serjani Corporation’s experienced lawyers have filed copyright applications for a wide variety of clients, including major film studios, photographers, to software developers, writers, musicians, and visual artists. We have also prosecuted copyright applications and requests for reconsideration of application refusals, assisted our clients with complex licensing arrangements, and resolved a number of complicated copyright disputes. Copyright owners are entitled by law to recover statutory damages, and they become eligible to recover attorney fees against infringers. Statutory damages are awarded by the courts and do not require the copyright owner to prove any specific loss.

Remember, in order to obtain the maximum benefits of the U.S. Copyright laws, you must file a copyright application prior to publication (before the work is made available to the public) or in some cases within three months of publication.

Copyright law protects the creative works of expression such as music, the written word, photographs, and paintings, but it also protects creations such as software code, engineering designs, architectural plans, and more. Copyright protections include the exclusive rights to reproduction, distribution, public performance, and the right to create derivative works.

Copyright protection is the lifeblood of the entertainment and publishing industries. A company’s copyright portfolio can actually be far more valuable than its fixed assets, and infringement can affect artists and publishers alike. Serjani Corp’s lawyers have litigated numerous copyright infringement matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. We have represented major film studios as well as independent photographers in a cases involving online infringement, and we have also represented journalists and screenwriters whose works were alleged to have been unlawfully appropriated by Disney and ABC.

Our copyright infringement litigation team constantly re-evaluates the client’s risks and benefits during the course of litigation, re-assessing settlement and litigation strategies on an ongoing basis as new facts are discovered. We understand that, particularly in the situation of online infringement, stopping the dissemination of a work is often as important or more important than financial remedies, and we often utilize takedown notices and Section 512 subpoenas to get infringing content off the internet before any lawsuit is even filed.

Our copyright infringement lawyer litigation team has significant experience litigating and resolving copyright disputes in a number of contexts and industries, and on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. We bring that experience to the table through all stages of the dispute resolution process, from initial case evaluation through settlement efforts and ultimately trial.

We strive to represent our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our firm hails lawyers from top twenty schools and pedigree resumes, we provide our clients with large firm expertise and service at economical rates.