Global Markets

Emerging Markets

Our sales and trading professionals help investors find new opportunities in global emerging economies. Our team’s deep local market expertise allows them to assess market risk and access local exchanges to help clients deal with the complexities of international transactions.

The multi product sales force can transact in fixed income, equities and commodities across various asset classes: foreign exchange, rates, derivatives, credit, structured products, shares and synthetics. 


With expertise in both credit and equity derivative products, our team provides clients with guidance on and access to investment opportunities across a wide range of exchange traded and OTC equity-linked products.
Our global convertible franchise across North America, Europe and Asia provides strong execution services in convertible bonds, convertible preferred and the expanding warrant market.


Commodities Trading

For governments, corporations, investors and financial institutions worldwide, we provide full service commodity risk management covering sectors such as energy, precious metals and gems.

Our international teams offer superior expertise across derivative and physical products, world-class block trading and leading Commodities research through the firm’s Global Investment Research division.